What is Impact ABQ

Impact ABQ is the interface between you and your local leaders. If you have ever felt like your voice isn't being heard by your politicians or have wanted to be able to weigh in on important issues Impact ABQ is for you. Its the new way to get active in your community

How does Impact ABQ work?

Local Albuquerque Politicians post "impact polls" that you will be notified of either by email, text or inapp notification. They are typically one to two question surveys that help our leaders build a more informed view of the public's opinion on important issues.

Impact ABQ also gives users the ability to ask direct questions of our politicians by posting questions do our local forum. If the question receives enough intrest, it will be responded to by the appropriate office.

Other features

Impact ABQ also allows users to subscribe to separate entities such as universities, church groups, and community associations that you can get involved in!